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The helicopter, as a means of transportation, offers unique advantages and combines safety, comfort and versatility. Passengers may be dropped off at specific points of destination (e.g. confined areas, roof tops) and so the helicopter can have advantages over other means of transportation, especially in a country like Australia.

Australia By Air’s Helicopter Charter standard objectives are safety, customer satisfaction, in combination with speed and comfort. Flying Charter by helicopter is fast, flexible and a highly versatile means of travel,allowing you to land or take off from remote areas or city centre helipads. Any location can be reached with ease, offering a flexible service and the possibility of making multiple site visits within a single day. It is affordable,convenient and offers uninterrupted travel, avoiding the traffic jams and scheduled service delays. Chartering a helicopter gives you the possibility of landing directly at a number of venues such as hotels, restaurants, vineyards and other exceptional locations or events.

Australia By Air provides a premium charter helicopter services across Australia. Choose from several locations countrywide for your individual helicopter charter experience. We can arrange an executive flight that will optimize your travel time and give you an amazing experience. Our range of services includes executive charter services, transfersand luxury helicopter tours. With a network of highly experienced helicopter pilots with enviable records, you can expect a service of the highest quality. Australia By Air has an experienced and professional charter manager team to make your flight experience seamless right from the time of booking, on-time departure tolanding and arriving at your destination.

Australia By Air has years of experience and the latest in aircraft and equipment to meet the most important client needs and expectations. Chartering a helicopter is made simple by one of our dedicated Charter Account Managers. Contact us domestically on 1300 359 496, internationally on +61 2 9982 9666 or email and speak to your personal, highly knowledgeable and experienced Charter Flight Manager about your travel requirements.

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