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Emergency Medical Air transport includes time critical aeromedical services such as carrying donated organs, blood reserves and plasma from one location to another location or where the recipient is being treated. Organ transport requires a quick response time and an extensive network to ensure the organ can reach the patient in the shortest time possible, wherever they are. It is thus complex, time sensitive and requires rapid, secure and economical medical air transport.

Emergency Medical Air transport services play an important role in such crucial moments. It is the fastest means of organ transportation to reach the organ transplant recipient in good condition. In time sensitive transport such as this, Australia By Air’s expertise, combined with our employees’ commitment and knowledge, enables sensitive freight to be transported smoothly, safely and quickly.

Australia By Air’s access to an extensive fleet throughout Australia, enables us to minimise waiting times and keep journey times as short as possible meeting individual needs and budget considerations.

For Emergency Medical Air Transport Services, contact us domestically on 1300 359 496, internationally on +61 2 9982 9666 or email speak to one of our professional and highly knowledgeable personal Charter Managers, available 24/7 with a suitable aircraft ready to go.

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