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Emergency Crew Changes and Air Crew Transport Operations

Our wide range of fixed-wing aircraft are used to support fire operations, emergency services crew swap operations and specialised industry remote crew changes. Our aircraft are selected for individual tasks based on their suitability for the task and their cost effectiveness.

Our large range and availability of aircraft particularly suit the conditions most often encountered in Australia, where there are relatively few long paved runways, but plenty of agricultural airstrips. Our larger fixed-wing aircraft are used where appropriate and are a cost-effective means of transport for high passenger and equipment numbers. Our light fixed-wing aircraft are also regularly used for fire detection, reconnaissance, command and control and for tactical crew drops into remote rural airfields.

Australia By Air is an experienced and qualified commercial aircraft service provider, with years of experience in transporting fire crews and air industry crews into rural areas for shift changes and specialised missions.

For any of our air crew charter services, contact us with your mission brief Domestically on 1300 359 496, Internationally on +61 2 9982 9666 or email and speak to one of our professional, highly knowledgeable and personal, operations air charter Managers.

At Australia By Air we are highly experienced, highly adaptable and can tailor to your Industry Air Charter Operational needs 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

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