Saturday, August 11, 2018

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Winter getaway by Private Jet

Ever dreamt of making a snow angel in fresh powder? We can make it happen!

The Cold Front has passed through our snowy mountains bringing 45 centimeters of fresh snow to our ski fields and more on the way! 

Perisher and Thredbo are showing nearly two meters of snow depth at the summit and Mount Hotham is forecasting fresh snow on its way. Beginner or advanced our ski fields have plenty to offer with activities for all ages and families. But how do I get there you ask? We'll take you there in style and all that in less than an hour from Sydney or Melbourne!

So why not pack your winter boots, a few friends or family and travel in luxury at your own schedule enjoying the extended season and a sneaky weekend winter getaway! 

Contact us by email on and we will cater for your winter wonderland needs.

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