Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sydney Harbour

Taking in the sights on a Sydney Harbour Scenic Group Tour

Enjoying the beautiful sights and iconic coastline and beaches of Sydney from the air; and just imagine this from your own private Group Charter with friends or family! However, no matter, if it’s a special occasion, a holiday visit or just a day out with friends you will be catered for.

Heading South down the coast on ‘Victor One’ towards Wollongong, gives you an unforgettable view of Bondi Beach from above the waves. If you’re lucky and visiting during the whale season you might even spot a pod or two from above. Watch this space, as in May Humpback Whales will begin passing by Sydney on their Northern Migration again!

As if that was not enough, off we go to visit the iconic Blue Mountains at Katoomba. Spot the three sisters casting their shadows over the eucalyptus trees and the sun setting in the distance on your way home.

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