Friday, July 13, 2018

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Luxury pure - Lord Howe Island in our King Air B250

Looking to relax or prefer an adventure, Lord Howe Island has something to offer for all! 

On Lord Howe Island, the 9-hole Golf course roams through the lavish palm forest and is known as one of the most scenic and challenging courses in Australia.

With seabirds breeding in the hundreds of thousands and the island being surrounded by a Marine Park, it has an amazing diversity of species and terrain, making Lord Howe Island one of Australia’s premier fishing and bird watching destinations.

Into diving or looking for a guided snorkeling tour? The Island’s abundant marine life and clear waters offers some of the best dive sites on the planet. The coral reefs are among the most spectacular in the world. 

Or if you prefer exploring the 11km long and 2km wide island, it is traversed with many well-marked walking trails including the picturesque Mt Gower hike.

All in all, a great destination and a luxury getaway not to be missed!

AND to top it all, you will be arriving in your own private charter aircraft at your leisure and luxurious comfort you have not experienced before!

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