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Rural Healthcare and Air Charter Services

Essential Health Care Air Charter Services

  • Air Charter Services for Healthcare Workers, Government Departments and Agencies
  • Government Health and Rural Healthcare Air Charter Flights
  • Experienced and work daily with multiple government health departments and agencies
  • Dedicated account and Charter Managers
  • Safety and reliability is our priority

Access to comprehensive, quality health care services, is important for promoting and maintaining health, and achieves health equity for all Australians. Access to primary health care impacts one's overall physical, social, and mental health status and quality of life.

Rural and remote Australia is characterised by small, widely dispersed populations with limited access to even primary health care services. The regions outside Major Cities encompass an extremely diverse area ranging from coastal or inland areas within commuting distance of Major Cities to the sparsely populated, hot and dry outback.

Australia By Air works together with some of the country’s leading and most trusted organisations ensuring these communities can access the quality care they deserve. We provide regular, aeromedical, government flight charter, charterflights, fly-in fly-out GPs, Nursing, dental and  Health Clinics to rural and remote communities every week.

Contact us today Domestically on 1300 359 538, Internationally on +61 2 9982 9666 or with your aeromedical needs and speak to one of our professional and personal Air Charter Specialists.

At Australia By Air we are highly experienced, highly adaptable and can tailor to your Healthcare Air Charter needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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