Saturday, October 13, 2018

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Introducing our Cessna 414 Chancellor to the Australia By Air fleet

The Cessna 414 Chancellor is a high performance, pressurised twin engine aircraft. Perfect for small Business or Private Air Charter. Suitable for 5 passengers, the Cessna 414 does what most piston engines can't; fly above the clouds at over 10,000ft and fast at a cruise speed of 376 km/h. The interior presents very well with seating appointed in a light leather, club style configuration. The Cessna 414 has the comfort of aircraft twice its size at half the cost.

Key Features:

Two high performance piston engines for speed and most importantly safety

Cruise speed in excess of 340km per hour

Superior avionics

Executive configurations available for up to 5 passengers

Seating for 5 passengers

Leather Appointed Seating

Range 2,459km

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